Risk-Free Hearing Aid Trial: Take a Test Drive

Hearing aids are an investment: as highly advanced electronic devices, they are not inexpensive, but they bring countless benefits to your life in the long-term.

Hearing aids, like our other advanced digital devices, connect us to the world around us. Though the experience of wearing a hearing aid may feel unfamiliar at first, it is through regular wear that we come to fully appreciate the powers of the hearing aid.

Hearing is an intensely personal, subjective experience. As such, we at Virtue Hearing believe it is crucial to try different hearing aids before you make a decision to buy.

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With so many different hearing aid models and features available, how do we figure out which one is best for you?

The answer is simple: take a test drive.

4 Reasons to Try a Hearing Aid Before You Buy It

After you’ve completed your hearing test, your hearing specialist will take into account your lifestyle, employment, daily listening environments, hobbies, activities, health, and the situations which prove most challenging for your hearing throughout your day.

From these discussions and evaluations, we will recommend a number of hearing aids we think would be the best fit for your hearing abilities and needs.

1) Once the hearing aids are in your ear, the spectrum of sound you experience may be unfamiliar at first, especially if your hearing loss is at a higher level and if you have waited some time to take a hearing test.

2) It will take some time for you to grow accustomed to this sonic experience. Additionally, our sense of hearing helps us situate ourselves in our environments, by capturing sound from all 360 degrees. This is known as localization. With a new hearing aid in, it may take you some time to learn how to situate yourself in your environment.

3) You’ll also want to try the hearing aids out throughout your day. Sitting in our offices at Virtue Hearing will not give you an accurate representation of how your hearing aids will serve you in different environments. Take the hearing aids out to dinner, with a large group of friends. Hear how the sounds appear to you when multiple people are speaking. Try them at the movie theater, or in the car. Does it sound natural to you? What sounds need improvement?

4) The risk-free trial period with hearing aids will give you a sense of what you want out of your hearing aids, and how they fit into your life.


Choosing the Right Hearing Aid

hearing-aids-east-los-angeles-montebello-CAAs you are taking the hearing aids on a test drive, it is important to pinpoint your priorities. If you work long hours, consider hearing aids that will provide you with efficient energy consumption so that you will not unexpectedly run out of batteries in a crucial moment. If you are an athlete or active, consider hearing aids that provide extra protective coating on the components, to resist sweat, dust, moisture, and debris.

Hearing aids are equipped with many different features to support the different environments you are in. Some hearing aids offer fast sound processing while others are especially good at allowing you to focus and cutting out background noise. Telecoils allow you to connect to assistive listening systems, to stream sound from a speaker or performance directly to your ears. Hearing aids also connect wirelessly to your smartphones, which opens up accessibility for phone conversations and managing hearing preferences.

As you take your trial hearing aids throughout your day, pay attention to the different scenarios you find yourself in. The more information you have, the better we are able to customize hearing aids to your specific hearing needs.

Unitron Flex Trial

Unitron, one of the hearing aid manufacturers we offer, provides a specialized test drive period with hearing aids – the Flex Trial. Unitron has reported that 82% of Flex customers believe it improves the patient experience, and 83% of Flex customers report an increase in the number of patients purchasing. The numbers are clear: by trying out the hearing aids, people are more likely to identify the best fit and quality of sound for them.

Unitron’s Flex Trial period includes Log It All, an innovative data collection system that logs your preferences when you take Unitron hearing aids on a test drive. This provides us with insight into your hearing preferences, down to the hour, so we have evidence-based data to tailor your hearing aids specifically to your needs.