Hearing Services Available
at Virtue Hearing Aid Center

Here at Virtue Hearing Aid Center, we offer a wide range of hearing services including free hearing screening, hearing aid consultations and fittings, hearing aid repair/maintenance, assistive listening devices, tinnitus management and much more. We also accept medical insurance and offer hearing aid financing through CareCredit. Below you’ll find more information about the services we offer at our Montebello practice.

Free Hearing Screenings

Hearing screenings screen for the appearance of hearing loss, taking into consideration your personal medical history, behavior, and the results in the form of an audiogram. Hearing screenings are important, as they are the first step to better hearing health.

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Hearing Aid Repair

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Hearing aids are powerful devices, but they are also sensitive, intricate technology. Essentially, they are little computers in your ears. While there is some upkeep and maintenance you may perform at home, we recommend that you bring in your hearing aids for repair if you are experiencing problems. Our specialists will take a look at your hearing aids and give you an estimate of how long it will take to fix. Often times, it may be a simple issue that may be fixed on the spot. We understand that your hearing aids are an essential part of your life, and that they are an important investment. Our hearing instrument specialists are trained to maintain your hearing aids and repair any issues if they arise. If you’ve got a problem with your hearing aids, give us a call at Virtue Hearing Aid Center.

Custom Ear Protection

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Exposure to loud noise is one of the most common causes for hearing loss. We encounter dangerous levels of sound on a regular basis, almost without realizing it. In the workforce, there are a diverse range of occupations that expose workers to high decibels for long periods of time, from construction work to dentistry to hairstyling. Outside of work, hobby carpenters, landscapers, amateur rockers, sports fans, and hunters are exposed to loud sounds doing what they love. At Virtue Hearing Aid Center, we understand that hearing loss prevention is just as important as treating hearing loss. We offer custom ear protection for any activity that may harm your hearing including custom ear protection for hunters, musicians, people who work in loud environments and more.

Musicians’ Impression/Ear Pieces

We understand that hearing is an integral part of being a musician. In recent years, studies have shown that people who work in the music industry are at higher risk for developing noise-induced hearing loss. For people in the industry, it is time to consider custom musicians’ hearing protection. We offer in-ear monitors and custom fitted ear plugs made from impressions of your ear. With the proper protection, you may continue to do what you love without risking permanent hearing damage. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for a custom ear piece.

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Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive listening devices (ALDs) are used to amplify sounds in especially challenging environments, for people both with hearing aids and without. Like hearing aids, ALDs have a microphone that pick up sound, and a transmission to broadcast the amplified sound wirelessly to a neck loop or directly to the hearing aid. There are several forms of ALDs available: FM waves, infrared, and telecoil. ALDs may be portable, for use in the short term, or they may be installed at home for use on home entertainment systems. ALDs come in many forms: captioned telephones with conversations transcribed in real time; hearing loop systems of copper wire, installed in the home to pick up electromagnetic signals; or Bluetooth-enabled accessories that connect hearing aids to smartphones. If you need a boost, visit us at Virtue Hearing Aid Center for your best options.

Tinnitus Management

Tinnitus is a condition that commonly accompanies hearing loss. Known as a “ringing of the ears,” tinnitus is the presence of sound with no external stimulus. These frustrating sounds have the tendency to interfere with your sleep and concentration. Whether it is temporary or chronic, tinnitus may be treated in several ways. In the cases where tinnitus is caused by problems with the ears or other medical conditions, identifying and treating those related conditions may ease the sounds of tinnitus. Tinnitus may also be treated with a number of sound therapies, provided by standalone tinnitus devices or hearing aids equipped with tinnitus features. At Virtue Hearing Aid Center, provide hearing solutions that also have tinnitus masking capabilities.

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